Our Story

It was late 1991 when three Mexican Brothers dreams became reality; they were finally nailing the last pieces of the kitchen's wood shelves. They were getting ready to open their first Mexican Restaurant; after three years of working on the Florida fields, picking oranges and strawberries, and working on several restaurants across Georgia and Tennessee. Octavio cooking on the kitchen, Luis Javier washing dishes and Jorge waiting tables, that's how they began their journey onto the Restaurant business.

Later, Luis Javier became Manager and got a share of a Mexican Restaurant in Chattanooga TN., that's when they started to dream on their own business. Their parents were praying and supporting them from a small town in Mexico, both financial and morale. They had to sell several belongings in order to support the opening of their son's own Restaurant.

They made trips up North on I-75, looking for the ideal town to establish their business, and in one of those trips, Luis Javier found an old building located in between a College and an affluent neighborhood, the Chevy Chase....It was Lexington Ky.! He liked the place and signed a lease with the building manager, Dave Fuller, owner of another Lexington classic: Charlie Browns Bar. With a copy of the lease on hand, Luis Javier, called his brothers, who were still working in Chattanooga, to give them the good news.

With the help of two uncles and a cousin, they started to clean, paint, and decorate the place, so they could open as soon as possible. The result: In January 11th of 1992, Rincon Mexicano Restaurant opened their doors to the public. Starting right from the beginning, Rincon Mexicano has been spiraling up to success through the years, being the base for expanding to other locations.

Rincon Mexicano soon became a famous place for great Mexican Food and delicious Margaritas!

Enjoy the Fiesta!